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Baiba Strupisa

I am a lawyer, negotiator, mediator, coach and mentor. And all these professions may be called in one word: troubleshooter.

This is what I do – I bring your experience and self-knowledge to the condition where impossible becomes doable, where decisions are well-based and meanwhile fast, where you are self-confident in your signature route to success, prosperity and happy life.

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Troubleshooting is like one stop shop – as soon as you refer to me, we jointly create the most suitable one-off or model solution in particular field or strategic road map through synergy of all spheres of my expertise - legal advice, management, communication, negotiations, conflict resolution and prevention, coaching and mentoring, moderation and training. The following 3 steps may occur in one meeting or in several steps depending on your issue and urgency.
Preliminary Analysis
Contact me with short description of your issue to set the meeting
Setting the target, principles and rules. Analysis of data
You choose solution and its implementation route from the created options

Legal Advice

Often people come to me for legal advice. For over than 25 years I have led and supported many transactions, starting from M&A, banking and production, private equity and venture capital, securities and financial markets, IPOs, and ending with daily commercial transactions, corporate governance and relationships with shareholders and employees. Modern business life is so fast changing, and my way of catching up is cooperating with other lawyers and law offices in the country and internationally – so my client always receives the best advice in the field. I have learned from my clients transactions that not only the strong legal reasoning ensures success, but also the way how it is presented.


When supporting my clients in negotiations, my experience of 25 years in the field has shown that every case is unique, and you can only assume deeper motivation and interests of the other party (and very often – of your own company for this particular transaction). Some attention at the beginning of the negotiations to those actual reasons, motivations and common goals (very often unspoken, though) might have served as solid ground for further long-term cooperation between the parties with no litigation but constructive and result-oriented dialogues along the way.


I’ve been working with business people of different professions and managerial positions for more than 25 years. We have jointly created strategies for development of companies, action plans for solving issues, built successful negotiation paths, raised employees’ and stakeholders’ satisfaction, and also stepped aside to summarise experience, new insights and setting new signature road for further achievements, also in private life.

Thus, we can cooperate in 10-15 minutes speed coaching when making a decision in your business, and also in deeper coaching of 1-1,5 hours on a complex business issue or in diving into your founding motivation and mission in life thus reconfirming your signature route or taking a turn for new explorations.


When it comes to spreading the knowledge to your employees and enhancing their skills, you may choose one of the training programmes in any field of my expertise – law, conflict resolution, negotiation, coaching, result-oriented meetings and conversations, stress resistance and mindfulness.


Is it really possible that there are no quarrels in my business life? Of course, they are, even more - I have chosen to solve disputes of my clients as well. Why? It has evolved from my negotiation style naturally. All my 25 years of experience as a lawyer, manager and negotiator back me in structuring any chaos into naturally understandable items, each with its roots, current condition and impact on the overall situation and its solution. Raising awareness of the conflicting parties on the new structured picture leads to new understandings and solutions.


Every structured conversation brings insights of unexpected depth and action plan which everybody is eager to pursue. How so? Depending on the style of conversation – debate, discussion or dialogue, I moderate conversation so each participant is able to highlight his/ her unique experience and notice the same in others, thus creating common ground for further exploration of the larger picture and variety of opinions. If conversation aims at creating the action plan, we establish goals and certain individual inputs on the way of manifesting the common vision and mission.
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What my clients say
  • Over a number of years Baiba and her team have been very helpful in facilitating and closing number of projects and transactions for companies that I have been involved with. Baiba is a focused “all-rounder” legal resource at a time of need. She is a professional with wide range of competencies and high ethical standards. There is no difference whether the task is small or if it is a more complicated matter – Baiba will deal with it with the same care and attention. I admire her motivation to grow and constantly develop herself. That clearly has helped us on several occasions – Baiba’s coaching and mediating skills have come as an additional benefit in solving complex situations.

    Toms Silins

    Finance professional, Entrepreneur, Independent Supervisory Board Member

  • Over many years, I have evidenced results of Baiba’s performance as a legal adviser, trainer, mediator and mentor. All the challenges thrown at Baiba she has managed to solve efficiently, with long-standing strategy and in highly ethical way, always for the benefit of the client. Baiba has drafted limited partnership agreements for all our latest invesment funds incentives with total subscribed capital of hundreds of millions EUR, and along the way mentored our legal team and risk capital team into high proficiency in the matter. When mediating meetings with those companies who have not won public procurement, Baiba ensured friendly atmosphere leading highly charged situations into peaceful outcome. When presenting a legal opinion on an issue which might have had a direct impact on our company’s financial results, Baiba demonstrated both – strong stamina for the principle, meanwhile opening horizons for interpretation, both from the existing market practice and good corporate governance point of view. It has always been a valuable experience working together with Baiba.

    Reinis Bērziņš

    Chairman of the Management Board at ALTUM AS, a state-owned development finance institution

  • Baiba has been servicing BaltCap since 2003 and thus evidenced and been part of our development. Baiba has always contributed to our values – Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Professionalism, Accountability and Performance, also as a mentor to our new team members. None of transactions negotiated and legally advised by Baiba have ever reached a court, even such cases when the court petitions have been “in the air” – all thanks to strong legal reasoning, negotiation strategy, sensing a conflict from far away and looking for the best possible solutions for all the involved parties. Jointly we have successfully navigated through icebergs, unpredictable situations and risks.

    Dagnis Dreimanis

    Managing Partner at BaltCap AS, the largest private equity fund manager in the Baltic states

  • Our company took a tailored training programme specifically for needs of our company. In 2021 during period of 9 months our employees gained supportive mindfulness and developed skills for their personal stress resistance in highly stressful situations in servicing our clients when our turnover increased by 4 times compared to the previous year’s high season. Employees enhanced their positive language skills leading the client towards solutions and loyalty to services of our company. As a result of the training, effective and trustful peer sharing took its stable place amongst other our employees support tools. This training helped the group a lot!

    Frederico Lopes

    Head of Customer Service Department at Discover Cars, World Travel Awards - World’s Leading Car Rental Booking Website 2020

  • In 10 hours of coaching with Baiba, I rediscovered my personal ambitious goals in developing Commercial Law principles according to the latest developments in the field in the Europe. That motivated me to design a new step-by-step plan for implementing a long-term strategy set by the Ministry. Making an impact is a motivation which I share with Baiba as a coach and also a law professional.

    Baiba Lielkalne

    Head of Commercial Law Unit of Civil Law Department at Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia

Baiba Strupisa Law Office
Since 2003
Executive Coach
Over 400 hours of ICF accredited professional education
Since 2002
Foreign Investors Council in Latvia, NGO
Tax Policy and Administration Work Group, Co-Head
Since 2016
Since 2020
Certified Mediator
State Certification and Attestation Commission of Mediators, Latvia
Commercial Law Reviewal Work Group, Ministry of Justice, Latvia
Since 2016
Since 2019
Corporate Governance Council at Ministry of Justice, Latvia
Council Member
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