Leadership Development Program
Logistics Company, Cluster of Baltics and 2 other European Countries
The Cluster is making a next step to develop top-talent. The leadership program for employees is planned with an idea of 3 days training, onsite in Riga.
We propose our vision of the 6 month program to ensure proper integration of skills: the onsite events supported by on-the-job follow-up to integrate new skills. The current content of the training is aligned after the meeting with HR and Leaders of the Countries.
Team Leads and high-potential talents of the Cluster, approximately 2 from each country (7-10 people).
  • To accelerate top employees potential and help them to discover and develop their leadership style.
  • To boost their commitment and empower independent work.
  • To support them in making wiser decisions, learn better ways of influencing people, gain more self-confidence in leading a team.
  • To lift them from being «process lead» to being team and people lead.
  • To give practical skills on how to delegate, develop team, give feedback.
Main Components and Formats
Get new skills and
shape leadership mindset
Group Facilitation
Create common language and open opportunity for conversation
Individual Coaching
Integrate the knowledge into day-to-day reality
How It Will Work
Stage 1. Onsite Training (Riga) - 2 days
Highly interactive program with training, facilitation and coaching elements. The content is customized to be 100% relevant to the current employees' development stage and Company's business goals. During these 2 days the participants set the targets for next 6 months and commit to share the outcomes at the final training day (Stage 3).
Stage 2. On-line Integration
A series of individual and group coaching to make sure new skills are utilized in every day reality.
Stage 3. Onsite Training (Riga or other location) - 1 day
1-day program to integrate new skills, celebrate the joint effort, debrief the results and set the foundation for the future.
The Topics Covered
According to your current relevant needs
Leader to Self
  • Leading through influence, not authority
  • Focus on fewer things that makes the biggest difference
  • Individual leadership assessment
  • Identification and strengthen of the top qualities
  • Individual development plan
Leader to Employees
  • The fundamentals of coaching
  • Managing differences
  • The art of giving developmental feedback
  • Empowerment by deligation
  • Handling crucial conversations
  • Dealing with barriers to success
  • Personal strategies for effective communication
We believe in experiential learning
Our program is developed, so that your employees get the most of learning "on the job"
through "on the job" experience
through focused interaction and collaboration
formal training
Preliminary Collaboration Schedule
April 2019
April 2019
Virtual Meeting, 1 hour

On-line conference call with Country Leaders to define the common ground, expectations and focus of the event
August 2019
August 2019
  • LUMINA SPARK Online Assessment. Creating a unique portrait of leadership characteristics. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership.
  • Individual coaching (1 session per person) as a kick-start of a program.
September 2019
September 2019
Training, 2 Days
Onsite training in Riga
September-December 2019
September-December 2019
Online Support
Set of individual coaching (2 per person) on a mutually agreed schedule to stay focused.
Group facilitation (2 meetings) to develop and integrate new skills.
January- February 2020
January- February 2020
Training, 1 Day
On-site Training in Riga or other location
Next Steps
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