Self-Managing Leadership
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4 - 8 May 2020,
from 10 till 14 CET
4 days/4 hours each
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Turbulent times call for extraordinary leadership. Effective leaders know that times of uncertainty can be opportunities to steer themselves, their organisations and their teams, in clear and constructive new direction.

A lack of personal and strategic focus makes this process more challenging. Effective leadership is not simply about strategy; it is also about character and the relationship between the leader and the team. These relationships are fundamentally built upon having the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time.

"Opportunities will be abundant for those who are ready. Be one of them. Be ready.
During times of crisis, all ancient philosophies recommend self-examination, self-discipline, self-reliance and then, decisive action. Taoists and Stoics both tell us that chaos calls for inner calm and endurance, resilience, acceptance of 'what-is' and inner-wisdom to guide choices and decisions for what you can make happen. In today's leadership language, it means…a great leader never reacts, but observes, reflects and then…acts decisively. This is leading yourself through the eye of the storm. This is leading in the eye of the storm". - Brian Bacon, Chairman & Founder, Oxford Leadership
Program Overview
The SML® Programme is one of the world's most successful leadership development programmes, with over 300,000 participants to date. The programme addresses and develops the character of a leader through a process of self-discovery and action planning. The SML programme provides leaders with the tools they need to manage themselves first, as a springboard to aligning and guiding their people.

Join our inspiring and interactive journey with moments of deep personal reflection. The programme includes dozens of real life examples of personal and professional transformations as well as international best practices making this programme especially beneficial.
What to Expect
Through careful introspection and guided facilitation, you will:
  • Identify your negative and positive patterns/habits and behaviours that are present in your life.
  • Recognise and put in place a plan to overcome barriers which are holding you back from becoming all that you can be.
  • Identify your purpose or that which gives meaning to your life.
  • Emerge with concrete strategies for managing yourself better, your relationships, your career and your organisation.
  • Create a future vision for your life in three key areas: your role as a leader, your role in your family/community life and your personal life.
  • Leave with a framework for self management and personal accountability and with a plan for embedding your learning in practice after the course
About Oxford Leadership
For more than 25 years, we has been involved in developing leaders, teams, and organisations to become more purpose-driven. What we truly believe is that: no matter what challenges lie ahead, whether large changes, complexity or execution of a new strategy, the best way to start is to "humanize" organisations treating it as a living ecosystem that aligns and develops resilient and engaged people.
Our Leadership Development Approach
"Insight Out"
Knowing and leading yourself is a prerequisite to leading others.

In order to lead the teams, manage the organization and impact the society, you need to lead yourself first.
Our Global Clients
The Program is Embedded in Leadership Program Development of Our Clients
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Fee for the course
Incl materials and meals

4 days * 4 hrs
Program Duration
20 participants
With highly interactive work in smaller breakout rooms
10 modules
To build your unique leadership compass

Structure of the Program
The Self-Managing Leadership® Programme (SML) provides a powerful framework for effectively aligning people and culture with purpose and strategy and addresses the 'inside out' dimensions of leadership. Our 10-step model helps participants identify their purpose, values and vision in order to define the focus and character which defines their leadership. A 90-day action plan for each participant will be developed focusing on the few things which have the largest impact, for both personal and professional development.
Program Facilitators
  • Lasse Wrennmark
    Partner, Oxford Leadership
    • Most Experienced Facilitator of Oxford Leadership
    • Specialised consultant in culture change, leadership development, teambuilding and executive coaching
    • Keynote speaker in the field of leadership and change
  • Artur Chernikau
    Fellow, Oxford Leadership
    • Coach ICF PCC
    • Certified Trainer
    • President ICF Latvia
    • Managing Partner, SIA TeamLead
    • Experienced manager, 12+ years leading large teams in financial Industry
  • Elena Zlygosteva
    Fellow, Oxford Leadership
    • Coach ICF PCC
    • Member ICF Latvia
    • Partner, TeamLead
    • 20+ years of experience in People Developing Field in a corporate world
    • Certified Lumina Learning Assessment Practitioner

What Our Participants Say
Leadership Is Personal
Find your own formula.

Not according to books. According to Self.
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